The Garden…Not much to brag about!

8 August 2013

The garden has been a little waterlogged this year. I think it rained all of July! Here are a couple of pictures of what has been growing!

These are the spagetti squash vines that I abandoned in the compost pile. The ones I planted, tended, watered and fertilized? Dead. The ones I threw away and ignored...flourishing!

This is what the squash looked like before the chickens pecked through the shells.

I put short tomato cages around the zuchini to contain them. it worked really well for containment but I lost a lot of production. I think they like to reroot as they travel.

A modest harvest. We have a few heirloom tomatoes producing and the eggplant survived a beetle infestation to become one of my prettiest crops!

Springtime in Georgia!

12 March 2013

I know a lot of you still have snow…but it has been over 60 and sunny here! This weekend we re-tilled the garden, got organzied and planted our first crops!

View of the Garden from the house...Do you see a problem here? I do!

Aaron thought the problem was that the truck was a little dirty. Nope, that is not the problem.

Here is the garden overview! On the right side front I planted strawberry plants. On the back side I planted green onions, carrots, radishes, red and yellow beets!

The long fence on the left will eventually be spinach, cucumbers, and spagetti squash. The two mounds in the middle are Red Bliss and Yukon Gold potatoes. The rows on the right are red and yellow onion starts.

The chickens got the last bits of swiss chard and cabbage that had overwintered in the garden.

They are sharing!

There are 8 out of the 10 enjoying their outdoor area. Kelly Taylor is in the coop being broody and the other bid red chicken is in the dust bath. We let them into this part of the yard only when we are outside to keep an eye on them.

That’s all for now! Tomorrow I will put out the broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and cabbage I started from seed indoors.

Garden Update!

23 June 2012

The light was not great last night but the garden is so GREEN right now!

Red raspberries are in the front. They are coming on just as the blueberries are wrapping up.

Overview of the garden. The corn is currently dominating!

The tomatoes are 3-5 feet tall now and should start producing soon!

Peppers on the left. Beets, chard and carrots all mixed together in the middle. That is mostly chicken food at this point.

I did not realize that sweet potatoes grew as a ground cover! I have to keep herding them back to the hill!

The Chickens have an outside grazing area on the far side of the potatoes and cucumber trellis.

Thanks for coming to see the garden!


The Chickens are Egging like Crazy!

28 March 2012

We are getting 6-10 eggs every day from my little worker hens! Every egg is unique in both color and size. This week I got both the biggest egg I have seen and the smallest! I am so proud of the girls!

The egg on the left filled the frying pan!

This was a normal size potato with my giant egg!

Can you see the giant and the mini eggs in these cartons?

Springtime in Georgia!

20 March 2012

Jean planted daffodils and tulips at Thanksgiving and they are flourishing!

Tulips planted amongst the Irises

The tulips are really short...but really colorful!

The nectarine tree is in full bloom! It is about 5 years old and we WILL get fruit this year!

Each one of these could be fruit!

The Blueberry bushes are getting ready. Last year we could pick 8 cups every other day. This year they are twice as big!

Lettuce, onions, potatoes and broccoli are in the garden!

Petra says hello!

Violet and Amelia love the spring greens!

Donna Martin, who goes by Ball of Fury now, picked a fight with Bitey. She is pretty aggressive for being the smallest chicken in the flock!

Garage Doors

6 January 2012

The doors on my Sprinter’s new garage are functionally completed. After they are painted, there will be 4 windows across the top where the OSB and plywood is now. The opening is 11ft tall and 10ft wide. I built the hinges and the doors from scratch and they are power open and close.

9 Month Chickens…sorry so delayed!

5 January 2012

The chickens are doing great! They are big and fluffy. We are getting 4-8 eggs per day, all neatly laid in the nesting boxes provided. I try to let them out to roam on Wednesdays and Sundays and Aaron will let them out when he is working on that side of the house as well.

Macie/Rhoda and Amelia dig by the garage.

Sparrow, Donna and Kelly check out a 1/2 watermelon in the compost.

Alejandra shows you the weird part in her hair.

Me and Alejandra

Violet Zindars/Winnie Cooper supervises the watermelon.

Sparrow shows off her comb.

Violet/Winnie and Me!

Kelly Taylor eating scratch.

She just doesn't look like a chicken!

Bitey and Amelia eat cabbage leaves from my hand but if I set it down they ignore it.

Bitey HATES to be caught. Can you tell?


6 November 2011

We didn't run the marathon but we walked about the same distance...

We forgot our tent. I guess we can't occupy Wall Street.

Battery Park and Aaron is tired of walking...


3 November 2011

The ML diesel has been replaced with something a little larger…

Pictures from the 3-Day Walk!

24 October 2011

Thanks for all your support! The 3-Day was great this year – gorgeous weather, great team and more than $6.5 million raised for Susan G. Komen!

26 Week Chickens are Cute as Ever!

17 October 2011
Yesterday I cleaned out the whole coop for the first time. The chickens got to run wild the whole time and they loved it! They are so BUSY when they are out in the yard. I saw Sparrow eat a worm like it was spagetti, Macie flew almost twenty feet when she was spooked by a horn, and they all dug in the compost for a while. Very happy chickens!

Alejandra checks out the new pine shavings in the coop.

Amelia is so pretty! Her tail seems to be getting longer this week.

However, Amelia is so BAD! I bent down to attach the water container and she jumped onto my back and pecked at my ears. BAD!

When someone picks on Kelly Taylor she squeaks and then shakes her head like she has water in her ear. Strange defense.

Donna shows off her lovely colouring in the sunshine by the compost pile.

Petra making her usual weird faces.

The newly named Rhoda Stanley. Not to be confused with the identical Macie Sands.

The Violets are so cute when they hang out together. The go chest-to-chest to see who is taller.

This is Sparrow getting ready to lay an egg. It took her about 30 minutes and we got a medium white egg. Good Job!

The group - getting some sunshine!

23 Week Chickens Have Big News!

26 September 2011

They made eggs!

Violet Zindars is a BIG chicken!

Violet also has big feet!

Sparrow is a little awkward here!

Petra has started sleeping on the top rung.

Kelly Taylor has a slightly blue beak.

Donna Martin is the smallest chick!

Bitey won't let me pet her any more.

Amelia is looking at me askance.

Amelia tried to eat my earring yesterday...while I was wearing it!

Then she flew to the top of the trellis!

Thank You Chickens!

22 September 2011

The first egg has arrived! I assume it was a team effort since no one claimed it. Isn’t it gorgeous?

21 Week Chickens are Having Treats!

12 September 2011
The chickens have started eating adult food, scratch and treats from the garden. The work as a team to destroy tomatoes but still run off when they find a worm! Combs and wattles are filling in more and more. They are still changing every week.

The most exciting thing that happened this week was 3 hawks flying over. All the chickens immediately dove for cover under the cucumber trellis…except for Kelly Taylor. She flattened herself into the grass and wouldn’t move. I had to go pry her up! Is is stark white and attemptting to hide in the green grass. Not a good strategy.

First, Macie had to sneak up on the tomato

Sparrow also wanted to mount a sneak attack

Then Bitey and Petra checked it out

Then Amelia and the Violets joined the group

Alejandra, Bitey and Sparrow had some scratch

Petra, just looking pretty

Alejandra, also being pretty

Amelia show you her comb

Donna and Bitey investigate the peppers

The group tours the garden

19 week Chickens Explore!

29 August 2011
The chickens now expect to be let out to explore every day! I can’t get home before dark every day! Needy little beasts. Sparrow had a tiny cut over her eye that I was able to repair. Bitey has a chip on the end of her beak…wonder why? All is well in the coop!
Black and White Chicken looks like a real farm animal here!

Macie puffs out her wings to look even wider. Not flattering!

Kelly Taylor does not look like a real farm animal in any circumstances.

Violet Zindars has a very full bottom!

She also has an "interesting" face

Amelia has a very elaborate comb coming in.

Sparrow has the MOST elaborate comb.

I'm never sure when Alejandra is smiling at the camera.

Bitey and Kelly Taylor

Violet lets me pick her up often. She's heavy!

Macie dug a hole in the dirt by the spinach and stayed there for 30 minutes.

Black and White with the Silkies

The group

For the Petra fans...she has a face! It is maybe not her best feature.

17 Week Chickens Have Visitors!

15 August 2011
This weekend the Chickens had visitors! They were very well socialized and did not bite anyone. The chickens didn’t bite either. The silkies were most favored but it was agreeed that they were all beautiful in their own way!

I have let them out of the cage a few times now to roam around the garden and forage. They really enjoy it. They mostly stay grouped together and don’t go far but Sparrow is a bit of a wanderer. I need to get some portable fencing to help contain them. Only Amelia tried to fly away. She looked me right in the eye and then flew on top of the coop! She came right back down but it was very brave!

Guest Stars Mary & Ivan. They love Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor!

Drew and the Chickens!

Black & White Chicken will sneak behind me when I am not looking!

Violet Zindars was friendlier outside the cage and let all the kids pet her.

Let's assume this is the other Violet Zindars. I still can't tell them apart!

Sparrow is the bravest explorer and QUICK!

Here Sparrow shows you her shapely drumsticks!

Petra holds her tail up extra high when she is outside.

Petra likes to be part of the action!

Kelly Taylor

Donna Martin


Alejandra is making more noise these days.

The girls find a watermelon.

Nest week...grown up chicken food and scratch!

More Tomatoes!

14 August 2011

From a giant basket of fresh Romas to 7 jars of delicious dinner ingredients for the winter!

15 Week Chickens!

1 August 2011

15 weeks! There are some huge chickens in my group now! Still looking for a few names…I know you can do it!

Kelly Taylor was feeling particularly photogenic this week! She jumped in front of the camera several times. Before she goes to bed at night she gets up on her tip toes and flaps her wings as fast as she can for a few seconds.

Some individual shots -

Bitey has the most going on with her face. I think she might end up with a whole red head at the rate she is going! I think she is a Golden Laced Wyandotte. She could lay up to 240 large brown eggs a year!’

A few group photos…again, Kelly Taylor was everywhere this week!

The chickens are fascinated with the camera and the flash…when I take it out of the case they tend to crowd around. I end up with a lot of close-ups and photo bombs!


Raspberry Jam!

30 July 2011

Started as….

After some labor…

And finally….

Preserving Tomatoes

22 July 2011

We canned 5 quarts of Romas and 2 quarts of Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes. So pretty!

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