Springtime in Georgia!

20 March 2012

Jean planted daffodils and tulips at Thanksgiving and they are flourishing!

Tulips planted amongst the Irises

The tulips are really short...but really colorful!

The nectarine tree is in full bloom! It is about 5 years old and we WILL get fruit this year!

Each one of these could be fruit!

The Blueberry bushes are getting ready. Last year we could pick 8 cups every other day. This year they are twice as big!

Lettuce, onions, potatoes and broccoli are in the garden!

Petra says hello!

Violet and Amelia love the spring greens!

Donna Martin, who goes by Ball of Fury now, picked a fight with Bitey. She is pretty aggressive for being the smallest chicken in the flock!

Raspberry Jam!

30 July 2011

Started as….

After some labor…

And finally….

The Fruits of Our Labor…

30 May 2011

…are Actual Fruit!

2 quarts of Raspberries – 5 pounds of Red Bliss Potatoes – 2 Gold Beets – The last Sugar Snap Peas

Garden Update

10 May 2011

We eat our first potatoes this week along with some sugar snap peas

We also eat some fresh broccoli too. Can't wait for sweet corn.

The tomatoes are looking good. We planted 6 more this week.

The raspberries are starting to ripen.

Orchard Update

23 April 2011

Nectarine Tree

Using duct tape to stop the ants from eating our nectarines. Seems to be working.

Tons of Blueberries!

Blueberry Bushes

Heritage Raspberries

Pollinating the Trailing Raspberries

Trailing Raspberries

Nectarine Blooms

18 March 2011

Raspberry Trellis

18 March 2011

We upgraded the simple trellis we used last year to something a little more substantial. 6 posts in concrete with 3 different heights of wire crossing between all of the posts. They aren’t visible in the photos but the wires basically form a rectangle with an X in the middle between the end and middle posts. That is repeated at 2, 3.5, & 5 ft off the ground. Each wire has a turnbuckle to maintain tension.