The Garden…Not much to brag about!

8 August 2013

The garden has been a little waterlogged this year. I think it rained all of July! Here are a couple of pictures of what has been growing!

These are the spagetti squash vines that I abandoned in the compost pile. The ones I planted, tended, watered and fertilized? Dead. The ones I threw away and ignored...flourishing!

This is what the squash looked like before the chickens pecked through the shells.

I put short tomato cages around the zuchini to contain them. it worked really well for containment but I lost a lot of production. I think they like to reroot as they travel.

A modest harvest. We have a few heirloom tomatoes producing and the eggplant survived a beetle infestation to become one of my prettiest crops!

Springtime in Georgia!

12 March 2013

I know a lot of you still have snow…but it has been over 60 and sunny here! This weekend we re-tilled the garden, got organzied and planted our first crops!

View of the Garden from the house...Do you see a problem here? I do!

Aaron thought the problem was that the truck was a little dirty. Nope, that is not the problem.

Here is the garden overview! On the right side front I planted strawberry plants. On the back side I planted green onions, carrots, radishes, red and yellow beets!

The long fence on the left will eventually be spinach, cucumbers, and spagetti squash. The two mounds in the middle are Red Bliss and Yukon Gold potatoes. The rows on the right are red and yellow onion starts.

The chickens got the last bits of swiss chard and cabbage that had overwintered in the garden.

They are sharing!

There are 8 out of the 10 enjoying their outdoor area. Kelly Taylor is in the coop being broody and the other bid red chicken is in the dust bath. We let them into this part of the yard only when we are outside to keep an eye on them.

That’s all for now! Tomorrow I will put out the broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and cabbage I started from seed indoors.

Garden Update!

23 June 2012

The light was not great last night but the garden is so GREEN right now!

Red raspberries are in the front. They are coming on just as the blueberries are wrapping up.

Overview of the garden. The corn is currently dominating!

The tomatoes are 3-5 feet tall now and should start producing soon!

Peppers on the left. Beets, chard and carrots all mixed together in the middle. That is mostly chicken food at this point.

I did not realize that sweet potatoes grew as a ground cover! I have to keep herding them back to the hill!

The Chickens have an outside grazing area on the far side of the potatoes and cucumber trellis.

Thanks for coming to see the garden!


Springtime in Georgia!

20 March 2012

Jean planted daffodils and tulips at Thanksgiving and they are flourishing!

Tulips planted amongst the Irises

The tulips are really short...but really colorful!

The nectarine tree is in full bloom! It is about 5 years old and we WILL get fruit this year!

Each one of these could be fruit!

The Blueberry bushes are getting ready. Last year we could pick 8 cups every other day. This year they are twice as big!

Lettuce, onions, potatoes and broccoli are in the garden!

Petra says hello!

Violet and Amelia love the spring greens!

Donna Martin, who goes by Ball of Fury now, picked a fight with Bitey. She is pretty aggressive for being the smallest chicken in the flock!

More Tomatoes!

14 August 2011

From a giant basket of fresh Romas to 7 jars of delicious dinner ingredients for the winter!

Raspberry Jam!

30 July 2011

Started as….

After some labor…

And finally….

Preserving Tomatoes

22 July 2011

We canned 5 quarts of Romas and 2 quarts of Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes. So pretty!


18 July 2011

Harvest – Took our eyes off it for 4 days!

13 July 2011

The Harvest Continues!

27 June 2011

This is our first year for carrots. Did you know carrots have a distinct carrot smell? You don’t get that from store bought carrots! The longest one is about 5 inches.

Cucumbers, eggplant and peppers in this basket. I only planted the asian style eggplant this year. They are great for stir-fry.

The deer ate the tops off of all the green beans…but it hasn’t really slowed them down! This is probably 2 gallons of green beans.

Malabar spinach came up all over the garden as volunteers this year. We didn’t plant a single seed and should have enough for a whole summer of salads! There is also basil , Black Cherry Tomatoes and our first regular tomato in this bowl. 

Not pictured from yesterdays harvest – Red and gold potatotes, beets, one red onion and 3 grubs. (Gave the grubs to the chickens!) 

7ft Tomato Cages

20 June 2011

I added another half of a cage to the top of my current tomato cages.  They are made from concrete reinforcing wire from home depot.  To keep them from tipping over each cage is now attached to a 7 ft pole driven into the ground.  Might not be great for gardeners under 6ft but I don’t have the problem :)

These Black Cherry Tomatoes are Over 8ft at This Point.

Harvest Dinner!

2 June 2011

From this….

To This!

Red Potatoes for the potato salad, beets, carrots, peppers and raspberries for the green salad!

The Fruits of Our Labor…

30 May 2011

…are Actual Fruit!

2 quarts of Raspberries – 5 pounds of Red Bliss Potatoes – 2 Gold Beets – The last Sugar Snap Peas

Garden Update

10 May 2011

We eat our first potatoes this week along with some sugar snap peas

We also eat some fresh broccoli too. Can't wait for sweet corn.

The tomatoes are looking good. We planted 6 more this week.

The raspberries are starting to ripen.

Orchard Update

23 April 2011

Nectarine Tree

Using duct tape to stop the ants from eating our nectarines. Seems to be working.

Tons of Blueberries!

Blueberry Bushes

Heritage Raspberries

Pollinating the Trailing Raspberries

Trailing Raspberries

Garden Update

23 April 2011

The garden is pretty much completely planted.  Now we just switch on the irrigation and wait.

12 Tomatoes, 2 jalapenos & 1 big tomatillo


Yukon Gold and Red Pontiac Potatoes, Sugar Snap Peas, Green Beans & Lima Beans


Red and While Onions, Sugar Snap Peas, Beets, Radishes & Second Planting of Silver Queen Sweetcorn


First Planting of Silver Queen Sweetcorn, Broccoli, Zuchini, Summer Squash & Bell Peppers

Nectarine Blooms

18 March 2011

Raspberry Trellis

18 March 2011

We upgraded the simple trellis we used last year to something a little more substantial. 6 posts in concrete with 3 different heights of wire crossing between all of the posts. They aren’t visible in the photos but the wires basically form a rectangle with an X in the middle between the end and middle posts. That is repeated at 2, 3.5, & 5 ft off the ground. Each wire has a turnbuckle to maintain tension.

What the Hell is He Building in There?

1 March 2011

Hydroponics - a small amount of assembly required...

Spring Planting

17 February 2011

2 Potato Row & Sugar Snap Peas

Planting Onions

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