Springtime in Georgia!

12 March 2013

I know a lot of you still have snow…but it has been over 60 and sunny here! This weekend we re-tilled the garden, got organzied and planted our first crops!

View of the Garden from the house...Do you see a problem here? I do!

Aaron thought the problem was that the truck was a little dirty. Nope, that is not the problem.

Here is the garden overview! On the right side front I planted strawberry plants. On the back side I planted green onions, carrots, radishes, red and yellow beets!

The long fence on the left will eventually be spinach, cucumbers, and spagetti squash. The two mounds in the middle are Red Bliss and Yukon Gold potatoes. The rows on the right are red and yellow onion starts.

The chickens got the last bits of swiss chard and cabbage that had overwintered in the garden.

They are sharing!

There are 8 out of the 10 enjoying their outdoor area. Kelly Taylor is in the coop being broody and the other bid red chicken is in the dust bath. We let them into this part of the yard only when we are outside to keep an eye on them.

That’s all for now! Tomorrow I will put out the broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and cabbage I started from seed indoors.

Garage Doors

6 January 2012

The doors on my Sprinter’s new garage are functionally completed. After they are painted, there will be 4 windows across the top where the OSB and plywood is now. The opening is 11ft tall and 10ft wide. I built the hinges and the doors from scratch and they are power open and close.


3 November 2011

The ML diesel has been replaced with something a little larger…

Coop – 98% Complete

21 June 2011

We still have a few small items to finish up but the coop is pretty much done.

We are thinking about painting some of the trim white to match the house.

7ft Tomato Cages

20 June 2011

I added another half of a cage to the top of my current tomato cages.  They are made from concrete reinforcing wire from home depot.  To keep them from tipping over each cage is now attached to a 7 ft pole driven into the ground.  Might not be great for gardeners under 6ft but I don’t have the problem :)

These Black Cherry Tomatoes are Over 8ft at This Point.

Coop Update

31 May 2011


16 May 2011

Someone is tired of digging... After the wire mesh is installed concrete will be poured in the trench to keep out predators.

Coop w/Roof

23 April 2011

Now that the chickens are here I really need to get to work on the coop.  The roof is on now but I still have a lot to do in the next 5 or 6 weeks before the chickens leave their home in the garage.

Chicken Coop Update

4 April 2011

Raspberry Trellis

18 March 2011

We upgraded the simple trellis we used last year to something a little more substantial. 6 posts in concrete with 3 different heights of wire crossing between all of the posts. They aren’t visible in the photos but the wires basically form a rectangle with an X in the middle between the end and middle posts. That is repeated at 2, 3.5, & 5 ft off the ground. Each wire has a turnbuckle to maintain tension.

Breaking Ground on the Chicken Coop

3 March 2011

What the Hell is He Building in There?

1 March 2011

Hydroponics - a small amount of assembly required...

Just What Every Home Needs…

30 December 2010

Quick Side Tables

20 December 2010

Workshop Table

25 October 2010

I built this 4ft x 6ft shop table to have a nice big surface to work on. It has big lockable caster wheels, a laminate top and integrated tracks for clamping. It turned out pretty nice but the aluminum tracks only support the top in one direction so I need to add some reinforcement under the top running perpendicular to the main tracks to keep the top really level.

Drip Irrigation Install

6 June 2010

My drip irrigation system is up and running. I have 4 zones covering the garden and orchard. I separated the two sides of the garden into different zones so that I wouldn’t come close to the pressure and flow requirements for all of the emitters. The orchard has a zone for trees and one for the blueberries and raspberries. I have the valves install for two more zones that will each cover 250ft of my leyland cypress trees. I’m tired of digging so that will have to wait.

I have all of the valves connected to a 6 zone controller I purchased from Home Depot for less than $30. It works great because it allows me to water the garden multiple times per day and only water the trees once a week with the same controller.

So far everything is working great. Both garden zones run for 10 minutes at 6am and at 5pm. I chose those times to eliminate evaporation and help the plants recover from the afternoon heat. With about 70 .4GPH emitters and (350ft of dripline with built-in emitters every 12in)=350 .6 GPH emitters I should be using about 80 gallons per day or 2400 gallons every 30 days. That is about what we typically see our water bill increase by in the summer and this should get better results. Assuming each emitter covers a 6in radius 20 minutes of operation per day would equal .27 inches for the .4GPH and .406 inches for the .6GPH areas. As it cools down we will certainly be able to reduce the time that it is running.


2 June 2010

Today FedEx dropped off my shipment of 1000ft of 1/2in drip line, 1000ft of 1/2in tubing. 100+ various connectors, 100 .4 GPH drip emitters, and other items from (They have great prices but their website isn’t the greatest. Give them a call, they are very helpful). Hopefully within the next week I’ll have a 6 zone drip irrigation system installed to automatically water the garden, orchard, and about half of my Leyland Cypress trees. I seems like it has rained everyday for the last couple weeks but when it isn’t rain it takes about an hour to water all of the plants. Having this system will save us that time, save water, and give us larger yields.