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3 November 2011

The ML diesel has been replaced with something a little larger…

AMG Driving Academy at Road Atlanta

22 May 2010

You can read more about our day at the AMG Driving Academy on Jesse’s Blog – but here are the videos from our in car cameras. We are all driving a Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series. There is an instructor in the lead car watching us in his mirror and talking to use over the radio. We learned a lot and they limited us to about 100 on these laps but I had the SLS up to an indicated 145mph on the straight. It was a great weekend and I highly recommend it.

Jesse -

Aaron –

The Car Behind Aaron – I was doing a pretty good job of getting away from the rest of the group :)

Photoshoot – Aplina B7 & K1200GT

1 April 2010

I helped out my buddy Kevin who owns with some photos for his trip to this years BMW rally. I’m definitely a Mercedes guy but the Supercharged Alpina B7 is a rare and quick car.

ML500 has left the country

10 November 2009

My ML500 is on it’s way to it’s new home in the Republic of Georgia.

R-Class W251 Trailer Hitch Install Problems

18 November 2006

A few weeks ago I bought a DrawTite hitch for my R-class. The first one didn’t fit correctly so I contacted DrawTite tech support who provided me with the measurement specs that the hitch is supposed to meet. After verifying that my hitch was manufactured incorrectly it was replace twice by the store that I bought it from. If you do decided to purchase one of these hitches I would not buy it online since it will probably have to be returned a few times. I have currently given up on this for now but if Santa brings me a welder I’ll buy one again and correct the problems.

The main problem I had with all of the hitches I received was that the distance between the mounting holes were about .5 in too far apart measuring from front to back. This may be clearer if you look at the photos of the front bolt holes not lining up when the back is bolted up. To verify if the hitch you receive is made incorrectly measure it as I did in these photos. If you can’t read the tape or square I measured about 18.75 down on the tape and 9.5 between the base of the square and the tape. Verify that the tape and the square meet at a 90 degree angle.

I also found that you would have to trim about 1.5 inches off of the bumper cover even though they say you don’t have to. You can probably get around this by just not reattaching the bumper cover to the black panel and just letting the hitch hold it. The directions don’t mention it but you also need to remove the exhaust tips during the install which requires a T-25 torx bit. If you buy one of these hitches that is made correctly let me know.

High Valley Motorcycle Weekend

25 October 2006

We all had a great time up at High Valley in Suches, GA last weekend. Plenty of great dirtbike riding, perfect weather, and no new injures. The trees were just starting to turn the weekend before when we were up there so they were about perfect. It had rained before we got up there Saturday and rained again Saturday night so the wet leaves and rocks made it challenging. I got almost 200 shots with my Canon 20D. The 10-20mm lens worked great.