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9 Month Chickens…sorry so delayed!

The chickens are doing great! They are big and fluffy. We are getting 4-8 eggs per day, all neatly laid in the nesting boxes provided. I try to let them out to roam on Wednesdays and Sundays and Aaron will let them out when he is working on that side of the house as well.

Macie/Rhoda and Amelia dig by the garage.

Sparrow, Donna and Kelly check out a 1/2 watermelon in the compost.

Alejandra shows you the weird part in her hair.

Me and Alejandra

Violet Zindars/Winnie Cooper supervises the watermelon.

Sparrow shows off her comb.

Violet/Winnie and Me!

Kelly Taylor eating scratch.

She just doesn't look like a chicken!

Bitey and Amelia eat cabbage leaves from my hand but if I set it down they ignore it.

Bitey HATES to be caught. Can you tell?


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