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26 Week Chickens are Cute as Ever!

17 October 2011
Yesterday I cleaned out the whole coop for the first time. The chickens got to run wild the whole time and they loved it! They are so BUSY when they are out in the yard. I saw Sparrow eat a worm like it was spagetti, Macie flew almost twenty feet when she was spooked by a horn, and they all dug in the compost for a while. Very happy chickens!

Alejandra checks out the new pine shavings in the coop.

Amelia is so pretty! Her tail seems to be getting longer this week.

However, Amelia is so BAD! I bent down to attach the water container and she jumped onto my back and pecked at my ears. BAD!

When someone picks on Kelly Taylor she squeaks and then shakes her head like she has water in her ear. Strange defense.

Donna shows off her lovely colouring in the sunshine by the compost pile.

Petra making her usual weird faces.

The newly named Rhoda Stanley. Not to be confused with the identical Macie Sands.

The Violets are so cute when they hang out together. The go chest-to-chest to see who is taller.

This is Sparrow getting ready to lay an egg. It took her about 30 minutes and we got a medium white egg. Good Job!

The group - getting some sunshine!


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