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21 Week Chickens are Having Treats!

12 September 2011
The chickens have started eating adult food, scratch and treats from the garden. The work as a team to destroy tomatoes but still run off when they find a worm! Combs and wattles are filling in more and more. They are still changing every week.

The most exciting thing that happened this week was 3 hawks flying over. All the chickens immediately dove for cover under the cucumber trellis…except for Kelly Taylor. She flattened herself into the grass and wouldn’t move. I had to go pry her up! Is is stark white and attemptting to hide in the green grass. Not a good strategy.

First, Macie had to sneak up on the tomato

Sparrow also wanted to mount a sneak attack

Then Bitey and Petra checked it out

Then Amelia and the Violets joined the group

Alejandra, Bitey and Sparrow had some scratch

Petra, just looking pretty

Alejandra, also being pretty

Amelia show you her comb

Donna and Bitey investigate the peppers

The group tours the garden


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