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19 week Chickens Explore!

The chickens now expect to be let out to explore every day! I can’t get home before dark every day! Needy little beasts. Sparrow had a┬átiny cut over her eye that I was able to repair. Bitey has a chip on the end of her beak…wonder why? All is well in the coop!
Black and White Chicken looks like a real farm animal here!

Macie puffs out her wings to look even wider. Not flattering!

Kelly Taylor does not look like a real farm animal in any circumstances.

Violet Zindars has a very full bottom!

She also has an "interesting" face

Amelia has a very elaborate comb coming in.

Sparrow has the MOST elaborate comb.

I'm never sure when Alejandra is smiling at the camera.

Bitey and Kelly Taylor

Violet lets me pick her up often. She's heavy!

Macie dug a hole in the dirt by the spinach and stayed there for 30 minutes.

Black and White with the Silkies

The group

For the Petra fans...she has a face! It is maybe not her best feature.


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  1. Well this week Amelia is my favorite…I mean Petra…or Violet…or Black and White! I just can’t decide. I love them all!

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