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17 Week Chickens Have Visitors!

This weekend the Chickens had visitors! They were very well socialized and did not bite anyone. The chickens didn’t bite either. The silkies were most favored but it was agreeed that they were all beautiful in their own way!

I have let them out of the cage a few times now to roam around the garden and forage. They really enjoy it. They mostly stay grouped together and don’t go far but Sparrow is a bit of a wanderer. I need to get some portable fencing to help contain them. Only Amelia tried to fly away. She looked me right in the eye and then flew on top of the coop! She came right back down but it was very brave!

Guest Stars Mary & Ivan. They love Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor!

Drew and the Chickens!

Black & White Chicken will sneak behind me when I am not looking!

Violet Zindars was friendlier outside the cage and let all the kids pet her.

Let's assume this is the other Violet Zindars. I still can't tell them apart!

Sparrow is the bravest explorer and QUICK!

Here Sparrow shows you her shapely drumsticks!

Petra holds her tail up extra high when she is outside.

Petra likes to be part of the action!

Kelly Taylor

Donna Martin


Alejandra is making more noise these days.

The girls find a watermelon.

Nest week...grown up chicken food and scratch!


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  1. I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your chickens. I really can’t pick my favorite. Alejandra used to be my favorite but Petra is gorgeous. I of course love the Violet Zindars girls because they look like border collie chickens. Sparrow is even starting to grow on me. I wish you would have brought them to visit during the wedding. I would have babysat them!

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