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15 Week Chickens!

15 weeks! There are some huge chickens in my group now! Still looking for a few names…I know you can do it!

Kelly Taylor was feeling particularly photogenic this week! She jumped in front of the camera several times. Before she goes to bed at night she gets up on her tip toes and flaps her wings as fast as she can for a few seconds.

Some individual shots -

Bitey has the most going on with her face. I think she might end up with a whole red head at the rate she is going! I think she is a Golden Laced Wyandotte. She could lay up to 240 large brown eggs a year!’

A few group photos…again, Kelly Taylor was everywhere this week!

The chickens are fascinated with the camera and the flash…when I take it out of the case they tend to crowd around. I end up with a lot of close-ups and photo bombs!



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  1. If you hover over the picture they usually show the name!

  2. So I can’t keep the names straight. Will you please start labeling each picture with the correct names? They are really getting more beautiful everyday!

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